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What makes all Dragon Brothers’ books unique—from the children’s books to the junior novels—is that all have augmented reality (AR) content builtin. In a nutshell, AR puts what isn’t real (like dragons, for example) into the real world through your smart devices’ cameras. This lets kids (and their parents too!) experience the amazing world of the Dragon Brothers via the screens of their smart devices.

In the picture books, the maps at the beginning and the end of each book jump off the page with amazing detail. You and your kids might even catch a glimpse of Flynn, Paddy, their dragon Elton or the fearsome Big Red as they go about their adventures.

In the junior novels, AR lets you look more closely at the stories’ ships and sailboats in 3D, meet the evil Pitbull up close and personal, listen in on important conversations, and crack secret codes.

These all make the adventure real for your kids!

Just download the free AR Reads app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Run the app and point to parts of the book marked with AR content and dive right in!

Louise Ward

Wardini Books and RNZ critic

"The plot is thrilling, the setting at once idyllic and dangerous. Readers will be inspired to leave their devices and see what they can see from the top of a tree, to go outside, look for dragons, and have adventures as breathtaking as Paddy, Flynn and Briar."

Adele Broadbent


"Part 3 in this heart-pounding adventure is sure to please Dragon Defenders fans. An Unfamiliar Place pounds the young brothers with new challenges, but with their feathered accomplice (Lightning the falcon) along for the ride, they battle through and never give up! The story stands on its own but the digital side of this great Kiwi series is a wonderful bonus. Loved it!"

Charlotte McKay

Judge, NZ Book Awards for Children and Young Adults

"Told at a rip-roaring pace with feats of incredible daring, masterful guile, and heart-stopping action. This is the book the fans have been waiting for!"

Eileen Merriman

award-winning author of A Trio of Sophies and Pieces of You

"A fast-paced action adventure that will have readers hanging on until the last page."

Tom E. Moffatt

award-winning author of Barking Mad and Mind-Swapping Madness

"An earth-shattering adventure of seismic proportions. You might need to feign sickness so you can finish it in one sitting."

Jenna Todd

NZ Book Awards Judge, Time Out Books manager

"I had so much fun reading this. It’s a rollicking adventure with a loveable cast of brave heroes."
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